Zazoo Zehh Video: See How Nigerian Celebrity Olamide Was Styled By Xfitdesigns

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Most style trends are picked up easily from the streets, but many times we get inspired by celebrities and other fashion icons.

The Zazoo Zehh music video truly details street fashion with Portable and Poco Lee both styled to relay street lifestyle and street fashion.

Although, it is widely believed that Nigerian celebrity fashion styles are mostly gotten from seasons collections by popular fashion designers or style trends from fashion magazines and other fashion events, but the most known style amongst Nigerian celebrities is bespoke styling! (custom-made designs).

Bespoke design for musical celebrity Olamide @Olamide for Zazoo zehh with Portable and Poco Lee


The most recent style which has caused an uproar this week is that of Nigerian hip-hop musical genius, Olamide Gbenga Adedeji popularly known as ‘Olamide’ or ‘Baddo’.

He makes no exception with his choice of outfit for the Zazoo zehh video with upcoming Nigerian musician Portable and Poco Lee who is best know for his dance moves.

Bespoke design for musical celebrity Olamide Olamide on a custom suit designed by Xfitdesigns


Xfitdesigns creating a custom suit for the Zazzu zeh video @Xfitdesigns

He was styled exclusively in a green custom made suit from Xfitdesigns. A unique short sleeve suit jacket and matching pant trousers to mimic the new dress code for the Nigerian army called “The number four” dress in the army.

General Baddo, which remains the intent creative idea for the design was illustrated and made as bespoke for the musical artist by Nwosu Ebenezer, the Creative Director of Xfitdesigns.

Creative Director at Xfitdesigns @nwosuebenezer.k


When asked about his creative style inspirations, he runs deep into his affinity for the military costume, African cultures and insignias, but most especially a rooted childhood background that led to design and aesthetics.

Bespoke design for musical celebrity Olamide During the design creation for Olamide’s costume

I believe that every design should be functional and tell a story which can reflect the times/happenings when the design was made and a time before or after.

Nwosu Ebenezer

Other notable Nigerian celebrities who he has created designs for include Mr Eazi for the Kpalanga video in 2020. A custom military suit was made to express a story; a tale about the challenge of love.

Custom suit Nigerian celebrity for Mr Eazi Mr Eazi on a custom suit made by Xfitdesigns

Bespoke design for Mr Eazi by Xfitdesigns Bespoke design for Mr Eazi by Xfitdesigns
The popular Nigerian comedian Dr Craze known widely as Crazeclown also has worn different designs from Xfitdesigns, the all time favorite being the Combat suit.

Combat Two piece Suit Combat Two piece Suit

Crazeclown on Combat suit from Xfitdesigns Crazeclown on Combat suit from Xfitdesigns

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