Midi skirt Tips – 5 Ways to Look Classy and Expensive

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If you’ve been told that a midi skirt is ugly, a church girls uniform or not fashionable in anyway, then get ready to be surprised, because midi skirts are freaking trending this season.

Here’s why…

Early into this year’s fashion season, top fashion designers featured a majority of skirts in their collections and luckily most SS21 collections came with a lot of comfortable and classy midi skirts. So speaking of classy trends, midi skirts are on top of this game!

Pattern high-rise midi skirt Pattern high-rise midi skirt

Not only are they classy and fabulous, midi skirts when paired right give that fashion killer vibe and every spiffy person knows they should make midi skirts a staple in their wardrobe because they are highly affordable and effortlessly chic; definitely a closet must have!

However, if you plan to stand out from the crowd, daring to wear yours as a unique and stylish piece is best and nothing screams high fashion in the world of midi skirts like a well-fitting leather midi skirt.

Leather midi skirt Black Leather midi skirt

A Leather midi skirt is not so random and if you intend to look classy don’t think twice about this. Go classic with your midi skirt look and put a leather midi skirt in your wardrobe today, teaming yours with tees and sneakers for a laid-back look or with button up cotton shirt and comfy heels or ankle boots for a chic day-to-night vibe.

Black leather midi skirt

MODA OPERANDI – Maticevski collection

Remember nothing spells luxury like unique fashion pieces.

Alright, now you’ve had to digest a couple of pointers about midi skirts, lets break it down and give tips on how you can look good and fabulous in a skirt that goes all the way below your knee.

Yes! That’s right…

So here are the top 5 ways to look classy and expensive in a midi skirt, after which you can slay in this game and rock any and every midi skirt with confidence.

3D midi skirt XFITDESIGNS Atara Midi skirt


Choose a Pencil Midi Skirt

Naturally, clothes are a simple way for us express ourselves and be identified, they tell how we want to be looked at and even give off our moods too. Whether baggy, cigarette fit, oversized, midi or just simply mini, they define your style.

Midi skirt with button down shirt Office outfit ideas – Pencil midi skirt

Pencil midi skirts are trending skirts that fall below the knee, drawing attention to the curving of the hips and thighs giving the impression that you are taller and well-shaped.

A well fitted pencil midi skirt is the best fashion bet as this striking style graced the runways in different ways and is also a skirt trend on instagram currently.

Leather patch midi skirt Midi skirt trends on the runway

Choosing a pencil midi skirt gives room for you to standout in all fashion seasons and guess the best part? They’re so easy to style. From high waist midi skirt to leather midi skirt and denim midi skirt.

The pencil midi skirt can be styled with everything from sheer tops and chiffon, to mesh and organza tops for a stylish look or full coverage ideas like cotton shirts, blazers, and oversized jackets.

There are a several ways you can style a pencil midi skirt; whether the simple elastic ones, satin midi slip skirts, floral midi skirts or the classy leather midi skirt and denim midi skirt.

floral midi skirt Floral midi skirt

Orange pencil wrap midi skirt Orange pencil wrap midi skirt

Style as Monochrome

This has to be a major, most especially because it’s in trend and plans to stay. Also, it turns out to be one of the simplest yet stylish fashion tip you can easily learn and apply when wearing midi skirts and other outfits too.

Although styling monochrome outfits need you to have similar or close color shades for your tops and bottoms. The best would be the pastel shade of one and the main shade for the other.


Two piece midi skirt Two piece midi skirt

For instance, styling a coffee brown midi skirt as monochrome; you can pair with a top that runs a similar color shade; dark tan, espresso or pair with a top of lighter shade like beige, cream, and tan, just ensure you pick shades that fit your skin tone.

If you’d like to know what colors best suit your skin, then you’d love to read my other post on the 3 simple and easy hacks to know what colors work for your skin tone.

Faux leather skirt


MODA OPERANDI – Matériel faux leather midi skirt

Wear a Leather Midi Skirt

Regardless that you have a ton of midi skirts, adding a leather midi skirt to your closet collection is pretty stylish and makes you seem more fashionable, setting your fashion pieces as unique.

Moreover, if you want to look expensive on a budget, then a leather midi skirt is one easy yet classy way to do so. It gives the impression that you have good taste for high fashion without you even trying so hard, because they are a cool girl’s staple.

Leather skirts come in different styles, tones, lengths and textures and each one is handy for different occasions.

High-rise midi skirt

ARITZIA – Bica skirt

For a boss chic vibe in an office environment, wearing a high waist leather midi skirt in neural tone and pairing it with a button up shirt in rich dark tones or pastel colors like lilac, creamy mint, powder blue and whimsy yellow makes you stand out.

While for cocktail parties with the girls and night club chills, leather midi skirt paired with bodysuit and strappy heels are big night-out staples. You can also rock several designs and textures of leather midi skirt, from croc leather midi skirt to faux leather midi skirt and the new trends of distressed leather midi skirts.

The styling options for leather midi skirts are endless and a great leather midi skirt is guaranteed to boost your cool factor to any look.

Pro tips:

Never purchase an obviously fake leather outfit; they soon wear off and tear

Don’t over stress a leather

Read the care label on how to dry-clean a leather outfit or check this out to learn more on how to take care of your leather clothes.

Midi skirt with button down shirt Street fashion outfit ideas – Pleated midi skirt

Ruffle and Pleated midi skirts

The plan is to look highly fashionable in a midi skirt, so yes ruffles and pleats are on the list of the top 5 ways to look classy and fabulous in a midi skirt.

Pleated skirts are in style and are highly recommended wardrobe pieces most especially women’s high waist pleated midi skirts, ruched midi skirts and ruffle high waist skirts.


Ruffle midi skirts come in different colors and styles, so they can be styled with bodysuits, halter and crop tops, chiffon shirts, cotton shirts and jackets.

Feel free to explore a range of styling options when choosing this type of midi skirt.

Iron your Full Outfit

This should be an obvious point when trying to look classy but many people ignore or don’t take into consideration the huge difference ironing can bring to any cloth.

Distressed leather midi skirt XFITDESIGNS – Hadassah leather midi skirt

Taking only a couple of minutes to press your outfit for a full day comes with a lot of benefit, the most important being that your clothes will last better with time.

Whether you want to appear classy and expensive on a budget or just simply neat? Iron your clothes first before you wear them. This has to do with your full fit and not just your midi skirt.

Make sure to check out the care label attached to your cloth so you can see the ironing directions as they vary for different fabrics.

By reading the care label attached to your clothes, you will know the best way to care for the fabric of your garments.

The care label is usually sewn by the side of the garment, so flip your cloth inside out and read it before ironing.

Want to learn more styling tips and clothing cares that make your clothes last longer? Then you’ll love our Youtube channel. Subscribe here for more.

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