Suits For Men – The 3 Best Quality Suits To Buy

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When it comes to suits for men, fitting is everything. If by now you don’t own a well fitting suit with a great quality, then this content is made for you.

Navy blue detailed two piece wool suit

Besides the fitting of a suit, the details of a suits fabric; the texture of its materials and color as well as the suits design is key.

Keeping things simple, let’s explain what a suit is and the basic types of suits for men, as well as where you can buy quality well fitting Mens suit in Nigeria.

Suits for men- Turquoise blue suit
Turquoise blue Tuxedo

What Is a Suit?

A suit is an ensemble of two or more usually matching outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together.

Suits are best known for their framing and shoulder pads, giving that put-together look when worn.

For example, a tailored jacket and trouser or a tailored jacket, waist coat and trouser made from the same material and of the same color.

Black Pinstripe Double-breasted suit

Basic Types of Suits For Men

Mens suit, depending on the cut/design, material and the color, can be part of a casual wear, business formal, wedding suit or formal event necessity.

Basically, there are 3 types of suits:

  • Two Piece Suit
  • Three Piece Suit
  • Tuxedo

Two Piece Suit

This is the most common type of suit. A two piece suit consists of a suit jacket and matching pant trousers.

Tyr single-button Two piece suit

The two piece suit can be made to have one button or multiple buttons as seen on Double-breasted two piece suits.

Indra Navy blue turtleneck two piece suit

Thinking of a place to wear a two piece suit to?
A two piece suit can be worn with a corporate shirt and tie to a job interview as a business formal outfit.

Blue non-conventional Double breasted wool suit

Again, it can also be worn with a turtleneck or round neck and without a tie as a causal wear for a simple date night.

Navy blue detailed two piece wool suit

One can choose to rent a suit if they wish not to buy one. There are several advantages to this as well, especially if a constrained budget or limited time to order or sew a well fitted suit is a consideration.

Three Piece Suit

A three piece suit is made up of a jacket, matching pant trousers and a waist coat or inner vest.

Alke Pastel blue three piece suit

The waist coat can be designed to have straight line buttons or other button design like the Double-breasted waist coat as seen below.

Alke virgin wool waist coat

Where to wear the three piece suit to?A three piece suit is the perfect type of suit for special occasions like convocations, matriculations and birthdays.

Pinstripe three piece suit


A Tuxedo or ‘tux’ is a formal evening suit recognized mainly for having any of these features;

Black gold detailed tuxedo

A satin or velvet material on the jacket lapels and buttons. Similar satin or velvet material on the out-seams (the sides) of the pant trousers.

Groom wearing a Tuxedo for his wedding

A tuxedo is a type of suit worn with a bow tie and not a standard tie. It is also known as a dinner suit.

Tux suits are notably worn for weddings by the groom or used for dinner dates.

Rental Suit – Tuxedo from Xfitdesigns

How To Spot a Quality Suit

The best suit makers put great effort into each and every part of a suit.

It all boils down to the craftsmanship, which has an effect on how the suit drapes and ultimately how long it lasts.

Here are some of the easiest ways one can spot a quality suit.

1. The Fit

As noted earlier, the fitting is the first and most important way to spot a quality suit from an inferior one.

Navy blue Detailed two piece suit
Navy blue detailed suit

Bespoke suit (a suit made based on the specifications of the person ordering it) has the best fit because, they include extensive measurements such as sleeve length, waist size, trouser length etc., compared to buying a suit using the standard size chart.

2. The Fabric

Asides fitting, the next way to spot a quality suit is the fabric.

Although, there are several fabric variations or different materials one can sew a suit with (such as; wool, velvet, cotton, linen, silk etc).

Blue wool suit

However, choosing the right fabric for a suit can be tricky, but for starters, the best fabric to sew a suit with is the wool fabric.

Using pure wool is important because it is natural, breathable and more durable. A good example of a quality wool fabric is the cashmere wool.

Cashmere Fabrics

3. The Lining

A quality suit comes with a breathable inner lining. While cheap suits use poor quality lining.

The best suit lining to use is rayon lining as they are made from natural fibre. Others to consider are silk, wool, cotton and viscose.

Suit Lining

After all, what is the point of using a breathable natural fabric for the outer layer of the suit and using a stiff or non-breathable fabric as the inner lining.

4. The Stitching

Although there are different ways to stitch a suit, the best quality suits for men are handmade.

This takes precision and time but ensures the seams and patterns of the suits are clean and properly lined up.

Timeless Double breasted Pinstripe suit

Machine made suits are most common and sometimes done hastily leaving the seams overly tight which causes puckering of the fabric.

Quality mens suit do not have loose threads hanging around because the stitches are sewn properly.

5. The Construction

One way to spot a quality suit is by its construction. Mens suits are designed using Canvas.

A canvas gives a suit jacket it’s shape and at first would seem stiff but flexes as one continues to wear the suit.

Cheap and inferior suits use fusing, a glued thin layer of synthetic fabric that over time looses it’s glue and wear out, causing the suit to sag.

While you can’t visibly see a canvas, note that it’s an important layer of a suit that not only give shape but also retains memory of how a suit frames your body.

Canvas on the chest of a suit

Also, a well constructed quality suit has clean, straight shoulders and patterns that align.

Where to Buy Quality Suits In Lagos, Nigeria

Various suit vendors are scattered across Lagos state, but finding a good suit vendor with the best price and best quality can take a toll on you, especially if you prefer to shop in a market than buy a bespoke/custom made suit.

One of the biggest markets that gives multiple options for quality suit vendors is the Lagos Island market also called Balogun market.

Lagos Island market

To a first timer, the Lagos Island market can seem overwhelming with a large population of buyers and various sellers swarming daily.

If you aren’t use to crowded market spaces and would love to shop in a less busy environment, then surulere would be your next stop.

Tejuosho Market

The Yaba market and Tejuosho ultra modern market house multiple vendors that sell both local and foreign made suits as well as suiting fabrics.

Remember to use the tips given to assess the quality of the suit before buying.

Where to Make a Custom/Bespoke Suit

Bespoke suits are by far the best and most convenient option when it comes to Mens suit.

With lots of remote advancements coming after the pandemic, most bespoke tailoring brands do not require you to be physically present to order and buy your desired suit.

To try out this feature, use our bespoke option at Xfitdesigns. It is available to everyone who wants their outfit tailored specifically for them.

Where to Rent a Quality Suit

Renting a suit reduces the pressure and strain one has to face when there’s an impromptu event

Also, one time users of fashion pieces can rely on hygienically processed rentable products to slay for their occasion. No hassle to buy what is going to be used just once.

Whether its a piece for content creation or an unplanned wedding this category is yours.

Look no further for where to rent suits and other outfits at affordable prices. Simply request to rent one using the rental by Xfitdesigns option.

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